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1969 Hot Wheels
z  Rear Load Beach Bomb (6274)  z

Dark "Double-shot" Purple Prototype - (Type B**A)
Courtesy of Kevin Gorin

No Glass

Broken off left tail pipe

Right Side

Left Side


Light Purple sprayed


No Interior or Glass

 Right Front

Left Front

Right Rear

Left Rear

                    2008 - Bruce Pascal
            Late-2006 - Ed Hernandez
              Apr-2006 - Woody Itson
         03-Mar-2002 - Kevin Gorin
         Early 1970's - Richard Kelley, CA in childhood trade
   Original Owner - Neighbor, son of Mattel Employee

Assembled without an Interior or Glass.
This RLBB has an unusually thick coat of Purple paint.
When Purple is applied this thick, it takes on an almost Brown look to it when viewed in natural light.
Front and Rear bumpers also have a thick coat of paint.
The Base has been lightly sprayed.
All painted areas of this RLBB are with standard Mattel Purple Spectraflame.